Tailored M&A Services: Helping navigate acquiring companies in Turkey

Growth through acquisition should be an integral part of any strategic business development plan. If structured properly, an acquisition can help the buyer acquire new products and talented employees as well as enter new markets quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Properly identifying potential sellers and structuring transactions that meet the criteria of the buying organization, however, is a complex and time consuming task.

We help our buying clients navigate the difficult process of acquiring companies in Turkey by managing the process from start to finish. Our M&A Services include;

Searching for potential investors in Turkey or internationally, either long term strategic investors or venture capitalist groups;
Arranging introductions to such investors;
Guidance on negotiation strategy with investors already identified;
Guidance on business valuation;
Advice regarding the issues involved in selling a minority or majority shareholding, and the sale of shares in a business or its assets;
Assistance in structuring a joint venture;
Advice on tax liabilities that may arise on sale;
Advice on warranties and other aspects of share or asset sale agreements.

Due diligence  is often a critical step towards reaching a correct investment decision, and our deep understanding of Turkish business issues, built up over many years, will assist you in understanding the nature of the entity we review.


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