Setting up and dealing in Turkey

You are considering opening up a new affiliate in Turkey or you have just done so, Euroturk can be your partner in achieving this challenging task in all aspects of your requirements. Euroturk can understand your specific business needs and advise on how to adopt to management needs in the Turkish market, advise on Turkish fiscal matters, assist you in all stages of establishing a fully functioning company, help you set up your marketing and sales organization in a way that can succeed in the dynamics of Turkey.

Turkey has Bilateral Investment Treaties with 80 countries, Double Taxation Prevention Treaties with 71 countries, Social Security Agreements with 22 countries and 12 Free Trade Agreements. Special Investment Zones are created in order to provide an investor-friendly environment with proper infrastructure and various incentives.

The Turkish government provides investment incentives to encourage, support and orient investments that are in line with international commitments. In general, a combination of tax and non-tax incentives is granted to domestic and foreign investors on an equal basis. An increasing number of expatriates are moving to Turkey and making it their home, whether to retire, to work, or to start a new life.

Euroturk has been heavily involved in assisting investors entering the Turkish market. The experience makes a real difference for foreign entrepreneurs in achieving a successful result in Turkey.

Euroturk organise Workshops for managers and key employees who will be dealing extensively with a cross border business unit or strategic relationship on Doing Business in/with Turkey. These workshops are designed to bridge the cultural gap that might exist and participants will learn how to communicate, cooperate and work more effectively across national boundaries.

Euroturk provides corporate training and business coaching with an emphasis on cross-cultural and multi-cultural management, negotiations, and sales programs besides a full range of programs and expertise to assist companies in integrating, aligning and re-energizing their acquired workforces.


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