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Globalization is the emerging buzzword for businesses around the world, whether it is for expanding their presence or their search for cheaper resources. Further, the trend of collaboratively developing products and providing services to international clients has necessitated the need to spread out teams managing company projects across the globe. The outsourcing of various services is one of the most common examples that require the constant need of globally-distributed teams working in harmony. However, managing such widely-dispersed teams across distant locations and different time zones has been an area of concern for most business enterprises. The commonly-perceived problems with virtual (geographically-distributed) project teams include:

Geographical Limitations
The most common problem faced in managing virtual teams is the lack of personalization that is associated with being physically present in the real work environment where the project tasks will be executed. This often creates situations were there is lack of clarity regarding crucial tasks, as business managers fail to impress upon spaced-out team members the level of criticalness that is associated with a certain project-related assignment, often leading to miscommunication and disrupting established hierarchical patterns.

Cultural & Regional Barriers
Working in association with global teams means working in partnership with people who may have the required skill level and experience that is necessary to be a part of the project, but may speak native languages and have very different social perspectives. This serves a major hurdle for virtual working teams to bond on a personal level or develop professional bonhomie.
Further, business managers can’t assume that the usual jargon and other verbal cues that are popular among the regular team members would be appreciated by people who don’t share the actual corporate environment.

Euroturk prepares the market entry of your products/services and assists you by business travels, fair participations and in day-to-day business. As a one-time service or as part of exclusive representation of your company in Turkey, Euroturk will research the market, identify appropriate distributors and purchasers.

Euroturk provides On-Demand resources to support your company’s strategic sourcing initiatives, helps to reduce your costs through sourcing, outsourcing and manufacturing in Turkey, assists in a variety of tasks from: strategic sourcing, benchmarking, supplier identification, evaluation and rationalization, contracting and negotiations, implementing best practices including the aspects of custom and logistics.


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