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Business Investments in Turkey

24,000 foreign companies have opened branches in Turkey over the past five years. 17,905 foreign companies operate in wholesale and retail commerce. Next are 7,948 companies operating in the real estate sector. The production industry claims the smallest segment at 6,308 companies. Of the foreign companies in Turkey, 20,918 are of European Union origin. Among the EU countries, Germany leads the list with 6,602 companies followed by Britain with 2,933, the Netherlands with 2,610 and Italy with 1,321. Non-EU European countries have 4,783 companies operating in Turkey. Following Europe, the next region is the Middle East,Read More
With a government targeting 27.5 GW of non-hydro power renewables capacity by 2023 and rapidly growing energy consumption, Turkey is currently considered a hot market for renewable energy investors. Turkey has started considering its own sources to generate electricity as a way to make it less dependent on fossil fuels, which account for 90 percent of the country’s current energy supply. Solar energy is cost competitive, efficient and reliable enough to add considerable value to the country’s power generation portfolio. Located in the Mediterranean sun belt, the country offers perfectRead More

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Turkish Real Estate: A Winning Bet

The real estate investments of foreigners in Turkey have doubled by increasing from 2 billion 621 million dollars to 5 billion dollars in the last 3 years. Turkey boasts arguably the best-performing real estate market in the world and 2016 has shown to be no exception. Growing population, mega projects, growing income per capita, urban renewable projects, and ease of buying property are the main driving forces behind the rapid growth of the real estate sector in Turkey. New infrastructure developments in and around Istanbul, including new highways and publicRead More


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